We all have a responsibility to this generation and the next for the future of the environment.

UNI Packaging believe that in the interests of the business, both the environment and our global community must be addressed in balance, to develop meaningful and effective sustainable solutions.

We continue to develop resource saving products and processes with production disciplines that have consideration for the impact they have on the environment.

Our approach to sustainability is focussed on three main areas:


We are committed to encouraging the use of less packaging overall; developing effective new sustainable materials; reducing waste in the food distribution chain through enhanced protective packaging; minimising manufacturing waste; and producing materials efficiently through responsible use of energy and resources.


Through controlled growth, economic stability and mutually beneficial long term relationships with customers and suppliers, we will invest in the on-going development of more sustainable, high-performance packaging technologies and production sites close to their market.


We seek to improve the lives of people who interact with UNI Packaging and use our products, ensuring packaging safety and protecting employee and environmental safety.

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UNI Packaging has been structured, as an organisation, to provide innovative and quality based flexible packaging solutions to an ever changing and highly demanding international market place.

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