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Food & Non Food Packaging

Flexible packaging for food is UNI Packaging’s main area of expertise.

Wrappings for cheese, coffee, seafood, ready meals and meats products, plus biscuits, pasta and confectionery: these are the areas in which we excel.

Our ability to produce our own co-extruded multi-layered films with complex laminates means that we can provide the right solution for the needs of the market.

Packaging for detergents, cosmetics and medical, pet foods and industrial components are also an important and growing area of the companies’ portfolio range.

No matter the demands of the product, whether the need is for high-puncture resistance, microwaveable, aroma barrier or re-sealable films, UNI Packaging’s aim is to provide the optimum packaging solution for the requirements of the individual product.

The result: ideal presentation and protection.

About UNI Packaging

UNI Packaging has been structured, as an organisation, to provide innovative and quality based flexible packaging solutions to an ever changing and highly demanding international market place.

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